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Bringing Access to Care to the City of Lancaster

In June of 2017, Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry partnered with SmileMD for their first case day. At the time, they had a long backlog of patients waiting to be seen for simple dental surgeries. This was frustrating for the dentist, Dr. Jonathon Draney, who had the patients, the office, and the skills, he just needed anesthesia […]

Changing Lives in Kentucky

Susan is the mother of 25-year-old Trevor, a recent SmileMD patient who has a very severe case of Autism.  She has been looking far and wide for someone to help take care of her son’s teeth. She traveled out of state, paid thousands of dollars, made dozens of phone calls, and was still unable to […]

Closing on oversubscribed Series A

A startup enabling in-office dental surgeries, which saw demand surge when hospital operating rooms closed during the pandemic, has added $1 million from a new VC firm for a total of $6 million this year. SmileMD has closed the oversubscribed round, the company confirmed after filing an update with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. […]

Why I joined SmileMD – Anesthesiologist’s Perspective

How Mobile Anesthesiologists Can Help Provide Hospital-Grade Care for Dental Procedures Peggy Seidman, MD As someone who has spent most of my career as a hospital-based academic pediatric anesthesiologist, tertiary pediatric care is something I take very seriously. Although I’m no longer practicing in a hospital, I’ve been able to continue my work at the […]

TechOhio video with our CEO

See the video (https://youtu.be/G_vrp510_-k) For people who have simple access to their dental care providers, appointments and logistics can be easy to take for granted. But for patients who have to travel from rural areas or to specialty doctors, the process of receiving important care can be much more difficult, especially when children are involved. […]

Provider Perspective – Anesthesia Guidebook Podcast

Paul Samuels, MD is a pediatric physician anesthesiologist who works with SmileMD to provide mobile anesthesia for dental offices. We talk about the unique characteristics of working in a mobile anesthesia setting for pediatric dental cases. You can hear the overwhelming enthusiasm Dr Samuels has for caring for healthy pediatric patients in an outpatient dental […]