Bringing Access to Care to the City of Lancaster

In June of 2017, Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry partnered with SmileMD for their first case day. At the time, they had a long backlog of patients waiting to be seen for simple dental surgeries. This was frustrating for the dentist, Dr. Jonathon Draney, who had the patients, the office, and the skills, he just needed anesthesia services. 

Before partnering with SmileMD, Lancaster was seeing roughly 3 patients a week, at most, due to the strict start and end times at the hospital. Since then, they have been able to provide care for over one hundred patients each month. They have doubled the size of their office and have changed wait times from multiple months to mere weeks. “Patients were waiting two to three months and in specific cases, up to six months to be seen. But that is just not an issue anymore,” said Dr. Draney. 

Natalie is the main point of contact for scheduling patients at Lancaster, and she loves how much the partnership between Lancaster Pediatric Dentistry and SmileMD benefits the community. “Working with SmileMD allows us to see hundreds more patients than we would be able to if we were working with a facility,” Natalie said, “It’s great to be able to take care of so many kids and help these families in our community.” 

SmileMD’s care teams of anesthesiologists, paramedics, and nurses fit right in with the office and act as a seamless extension of the dental staff. Natalie is always so impressed with how well our care teams work with the parents, who are often more nervous than their children about the procedure. Natalie loves that our teams go above and beyond with the parents to make sure they are comfortable and reassured. 

“Kids are living in pain and with infections, but they are now able to be seen much faster because of SmileMD. This is huge for these kids and their families,” Natalie said. “Every dentist office should be using SmileMD to see patients in a timelier manner and improve the lives of the patients in your community.”