Provider Perspective – Anesthesia Guidebook Podcast

Paul Samuels, MD is a pediatric physician anesthesiologist who works with SmileMD to provide mobile anesthesia for dental offices. We talk about the unique characteristics of working in a mobile anesthesia setting for pediatric dental cases.

You can hear the overwhelming enthusiasm Dr Samuels has for caring for healthy pediatric patients in an outpatient dental setting. His years of experience as a pediatric physician anesthesiologist in a large tertiary care center not only gives him a wealth of experience to bring to an outpatient setting, but also sets him up for a really enjoyable day taking care of healthy kids for dental procedures. Click link for podcast below to listen now!

Great podcast from our very own Dr. Paul Samuels, a well known Pediatric Anesthesiologist, who shares his perspectives on treating patients in a mobile/on-site setting and in working with us to provide the care.