ADA Guidelines and Requirements

  • We assist with application and full compliance with the ADA suggested guidelines and requirements within your practice.

  • Suggested guidelines, while not required, increase safety for your patients and the efficiency of your practice. SmileMD can help your practice stay on the forefront of effectiveness and responsiveness to a changing regulatory environment.

Special Cases and Emergency Management

  • Even if you sedate "in-house" SmileMD can come in for the assist with patients ranging from pediatrics, complex health histories, issues with airway obstructions (sleep apnea), mental disabilities and more. Allow us to use our expertise to safely take away the added stress and risks associated with these cases. We have access to specialized providers (cardio, peds, etc).

  • While rare, Emergency Situations (including unintended Deep Sedation) increases stress, requires increased staff attention and loss of valuable procedure time. SmileMD can handle this for your practice so you can carry on with peak efficiency.

Continuum of Sedation

  • Because sedation is a continuum, it is not always possible to predict how an individual patient will respond.

  • We strongly believe best practices are to have an anesthesia professional solely focused on the patient while the dental professional is performing the procedure.

  • SmileMD makes managing third party anesthesia simple and effective. We can coordinate with appropriate specialists and ensure you and your patients experience a seamless experience without added stress on your staff.